interNET: let's dive in!

interNET: let's dive in! is an scholar project involving vocational education students from two highschools, one in Turkey and the other in Spain.

Internet means of connecting a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and servers. The internet has revolutionized the 21st century and helped people all over the world do things they could have never imagined. Despite of its benefits, we should also think about the addiction and the security.

In this project, the pupils have worked collaboratively to learn about internet, internet terms, social media, internet security, internet of things... They have worked collaboratively in multinational teams creating web products.


Web products

Blog and games (done by Turkish students)

Web pages (in Spanish: done by Spanish students)

Internet Terms Dictionary (XML applications: created collaboratively between Turkish and Spanish)

Visit the public TwinSpace project site with many public information about the project.

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